Je suis CIA? Die CIA und ihr Krieg in Syrien

… durch das Verschweigen der Medien-Hure des Kapitalismus und ihrer Bordell-Journaille in der BRD wird die Propaganda verbreitet, dass in Syrien ein Bürgerkrieg herrschen würde, um den bösen Diktator Assad loszuwerden. Wie schön ist es doch, dass eine der wichtigsten Propaganda-Blätter der Welt – Wall Street Journal – uns über den Krieg in Syrien aus der Perspektive der USA – also Washingtons, wie der Amerikaner zu sagen pflegt – mit den entsprechenden, wenn auch sehr subtilen, Versuchen der  Rechtfertigung darüber informiert, wie Washington mit Hilfe der CIA den Krieg in Syrien gegen die vom Syrischen Volk in freien Wahlen gewählte Regierung führt, um sich damit eine weitere Basis für ihren GROßEN Faschistischen KRIEG gegen Russland zu sichern.


Das wichtigste Propaganda-Blatt der USA – das Wall Street Journal – berichtet: CIA führt den Krieg in Syrien

Damit wird es wohl auch dem letzen Menschen klar sein dürfen, wem wir den Krieg im Donbas gegen die beiden Volksrepubliken Donezk und Luhansk zu fluchen haben:
nämlich der CIA der USA, die ein Faschisten-Regime mit einer Nazi-Junta an die Gewalt über die Ukraine putschte, um einen Völkermord an der russischen Ethnie im Donbas zu begehen, um Russland zum Handeln zu zwingen und so als Schuldige für den GROßEN KRIEG verantwortlich machen und in der westlichen Öffentlichkeit darzustellen zu können, den die Supra-Nationale Mafia-Organisation aus Vatikan mit BIZ in Basel, der UNO und den USA mit der NATO seit vielen Jahrzehnten geplant haben.
Und Juhu! Hinein mit Pomp & Circumstance

Mit Dank kopiert aus dem WSJ, Copyright by WSJ 2015

Covert CIA Mission to Arm Syrian Rebels Goes Awry

Plagued By Red Tape and Skimpy Supplies, U.S. Shifts Program’s Focus


Jan. 26, 2015 10:33 p.m. ET 89 COMMENTS

HATAY, Turkey—It didn’t take long for rebel commanders in Syria who lined up to join a Central Intelligence Agency weapons and training program to start scratching their heads.

After the program was launched in mid-2013, CIA officers secretly analyzed cellphone calls and email messages of commanders to make sure they were really in charge of the men they claimed to lead. Commanders were then interviewed, sometimes for days.

Those who made the cut, earning the label “trusted commanders,” signed written agreements, submitted payroll information about their fighters and detailed their battlefield strategy. Only then did they get help, and it was far less than they were counting on.

Some weapons shipments were so small that commanders had to ration ammunition. One of the U.S.’s favorite trusted commanders got the equivalent of 16 bullets a month per fighter. Rebel leaders were told they had to hand over old antitank missile launchers to get new ones—and couldn’t get shells for captured tanks. When they appealed last summer for ammo to battle fighters linked to al Qaeda, the U.S. said no.

All sides now agree that the U.S.’s effort to aid moderate fighters battling the Assad regime has gone badly. The CIA program was the riskiest foray into Syria since civil war erupted in 2011.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is clinging to power after more than 200,000 deaths blamed on the war. Moderate fighters control only a fraction of northern Syria, while Islamic State and al Qaeda’s official affiliate, the Nusra Front, have gained ground. Last fall, Nusra overran one trusted commander and seized another’s equipment.

Entire CIA-backed rebel units, including fighters numbering in the “low hundreds” who went through the training program, have changed sides by joining forces with Islamist brigades, quit the fight or gone missing.

“We walk around Syria with a huge American flag planted on our backs, but we don’t have enough AK-47s in our hands to protect ourselves,” a leader of the Hazzm Movement, among the most trusted of the trusted commanders, told U.S. lawmakers in a meeting after Nusra’s advances.

The CIA recently stopped offering help to all but a few trusted commanders in Syria. Much of the U.S.’s focus is shifting to southern Syria, where rebels seem more unified but say they get just 5% to 20% of the arms requested from the CIA.

Some Obama administration officials say the covert effort accomplished about as much as it could considering the chaotic circumstances in northern Syria and policy disagreements in Washington and elsewhere.

While the initial goal was to help moderate rebels fight the Assad regime, officials at the White House and CIA didn’t anticipate the rapid rise of Islamic State, which has upended rebel alliances and become the U.S.’s top priority in Syria.

Officials defend the decision to keep the arms pipeline small and tightly controlled, citing concerns that weapons could fall into the wrong hands. “This was consistent with the administration’s legal responsibilities and strongly held views in Congress,” a senior administration official says. Despite the controls, some weapons still wound up on the wrong side.

Critics say the failings might make it harder to win future support from moderate rebels. Pentagon officials are establishing a new program in Syria, and the general in charge of the effort has told lawmakers that he wants to establish more consistent supply lines and provide air support to approved fighters.

But the new mission also calls for building a rebel force to fight Islamic State, not the Assad regime, which will make it tougher for the Pentagon to attract rebel commanders to the program, some U.S. officials say.

“I think we’ve lost our window of opportunity,” says Robert Ford, the State Department’s ambassador to Syria from 2010 to 2014.

Former Rep. Mike Rogers, a Republican from Michigan who led the House Intelligence Committee, says the trickling pipeline of supplies drove some U.S. allies into the arms of Islamists. “We didn’t commit to them, so why should we expect them to commit to us?” he asks.

Rep. Eliot Engel, (D., N.Y.) the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, adds: “We need to get them the materials they need to sustain themselves. It’s the right thing to do.”

This account of the CIA’s program is based on interviews with U.S., Turkish and Arab officials involved in the effort, as well as current and former trusted commanders. CIA officials have trained nearly 5,000 fighters in Syria, but the financial cost is classified and few details have been disclosed publicly.

The CIA program had a rocky start. President Barack Obama balked at the idea in 2012. Officials say he was concerned about a slippery slope that could lead the U.S. into another war. A CIA analysis delivered to the White House predicted the program would make little difference.

Mr. Obama gave the go-ahead in 2013 to proceed on a limited basis, partly in response to prodding from key Arab allies, former U.S. officials say.

Fighters from the Nusra Front, al Qaeda’s official affiliate in Syria, drive a tank in December that they seized from soldiers loyal to the Assad regime. Last fall, Nusra overran one rebel group that got help from a U.S. weapons and training program and seized another group’s equipment.

Last fall, Nusra overran one rebel group that got help from a U.S. weapons and training program and seized another group’s equipment.
Republican and Democratic lawmakers shared the administration’s ambivalence, with some warning they would hold the CIA responsible if guns fell into the wrong hands, according to a former senior U.S. intelligence official. The warnings deepened the agency’s cautious approach.

In northern Syria, the U.S. and its allies created a joint operations center, or Müşterek Operasyon Merkezi in Turkish, to oversee the program. Rebel commanders met with CIA officers at hotels in southern Turkey.

Once the CIA assessed the commanders, they were asked to sign agreements committing their units to using supplies against the Assad regime and maintaining certain accounting standards.

The U.S. intelligence officer who ran the joint operations center, called MOM for short, impressed commanders with his classical Arabic. Once, he singled out a rebel commander who failed to execute a promised mission, asking him to apologize in front of other commanders. The commander was then kicked out of the meeting.

Because U.S. officials concluded that the moderate opposition Free Syrian Army wasn’t able to safeguard U.S. supplies in Syria, the CIA decided to deliver weapons directly to the trusted commanders. Some military officials warned that the CIA risked creating warlords and undermining cohesion in the ranks of local fighters, but the CIA saw no credible alternative.

At meetings, the MOM heard requests for ammunition and then deliberated, often for as long as two weeks. The panel included the CIA and intelligence services from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

According to rebel commanders, by the time many requests were approved, the proposed operation was no longer feasible. If they were told no, they usually weren’t told why.

When some commanders asked for ammo last spring to expand an offensive against the Assad regime that seemed to be going their way, they were rejected with no explanation.

“Why did you give us hope if you were not going to do anything about it?” complains one trusted commander. His frustrated fighters quit the CIA program to join a new alliance with Islamist brigades.

At the end of each month, the commanders submitted payroll information, picking up money a few days later for salaries and administrative expenses. MOM payments were made in cash with $100 bills that commanders said were so new they were hard to count. One rebel commander says the cash his group got fit neatly into a small carry-on bag.

Most CIA-backed fighters made $100 to $150 a month. Commanders made slightly more. Islamic State and Nusra often paid twice as much, making it harder for the trusted commanders to retain fighters.

One trusted commander got fewer than three dozen rifles after asking for more than 1,000. Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia funneled supplies under the table to their favorite commanders, according to U.S. officials and other rebel commanders.

The high point for the trusted commanders came when the CIA decided to supply them with a small number of American antitank TOW missiles to attack the Assad regime’s tanks.

The CIA limited who got TOWs and how many. To get new ones, commanders had to hand over spent missile launchers at a designated border crossing with Turkey.

Trusted commanders also were instructed to film their use of the TOWs in battle so the CIA could monitor them and offer pointers on how to use the missiles more effectively. Commanders got permission later to post some of the videos online as propaganda.

The best TOW missile operators often got paid two to three times as much as regular fighters, commanders say. Bidding wars sometimes broke out between different trusted commanders for the best operators because the CIA gave more missiles to groups using them most successfully.

In other ways, the decision-making process befuddled, disappointed and angered rebel commanders. Last year, Hazzm expanded its arsenal of tanks to three dozen by capturing them from the Assad regime, but couldn’t convince the MOM to provide cash for shells or fuel.

“So they sat,” a Hazzm leader told U.S. lawmakers. A senior U.S. official says complaints about late deliveries and inadequate supplies are common with any large-scale operation.

“If it’s not worth it to them, I guess they could decide not to pick up the stuff,” the U.S. official says. “But that’s never happened.”

Tensions deepened as Islamic State gained strength last year and some trusted commanders began pressing for arms to go after Nusra. U.S. officials said no because they thought fighting Nusra would drain the program’s resources. The Obama administration also was debating whether to expand the CIA effort beyond the Assad regime.

Smoke billows from Kobani in northern Syria on Monday. Helped by U.S.-led airstrikes, Kurdish fighters are on the verge of driving Islamic State out of the important border city, said Kobani’s deputy foreign minister.

Smoke billows from Kobani in northern Syria on Monday. Helped by U.S.-led airstrikes, Kurdish fighters are on the verge of driving Islamic State out of the important border city, said Kobani’s deputy foreign minister. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES
U.S. officials say the Obama administration also was conflicted about Nusra. Aid groups told the State Department that Nusra didn’t interfere with their humanitarian deliveries, while elements of the Free Syrian Army, which included trusted commanders, sometimes did.

Nusra gained money, power and recruits after the U.S. launched airstrikes in September in Syria against Islamic State. In the first wave of strikes, the U.S. also bombed the Khorasan terrorist cell, linked to Nusra. That gave Nusra an opportunity to paint itself as a U.S. target.

Trusted commanders weren’t consulted before the airstrikes, felt betrayed and looked weak for being associated with a U.S. offensive that wasn’t targeting the Assad regime.

After the airstrikes started, Nusra leaders turned against the Syria Revolutionaries Front, or SRF, which got some aid through the covert effort but wasn’t fully trusted by U.S. officials. Leaders of the group and Hazzm had tried unsuccessfully to get weapons from the CIA to go after Nusra.

“Al Qaeda moves faster than the MOM,” a top SRF official says.

The Mountain Hawks group, which also got help from the MOM, decided not to take sides and deployed its forces defensively to keep its U.S.-supplied weapons out of Nusra’s hands, says leader Hasan al-Khalil.

The Fursan al-Haq Brigade made a similar calculation. “If we fight Nusra, then the public will hate us,” a top Fursan leader said.

When Nusra forces surrounded Hazzm’s headquarters at a town in Idlib province called Khan Assubul, some fighters let Nusra pass, rather than fight. Other trusted commanders watched. Some units joined with Nusra.

In a speech at the schoolhouse used as Hazzm’s headquarters, the rebel group’s local commander, Abu Abdullah al Khouli, told his remaining fighters to pack up their things. He had long questioned Hazzm’s participation in the CIA program, claiming the costs outweighed the benefits.

“Leave now,” he told his men, according to an opposition activist who was there. Mr. Khouli told them to pretend to be members of Islamic Front, a brigade aligned with Nusra in some areas, if stopped at a checkpoint.

Hazzm officials say Mr. Khouli was taken prisoner later. They don’t know if he is still alive.

Nusra and its allies took military equipment, included some provided by the CIA, from the captured headquarters. Nusra also seized four or five Syrian tanks. While Hazzm still is in the CIA program, the amount of help it gets has shrunk.

In recent weeks, the Mujahedeen Army, which joined the MOM last summer and sent 50 fighters to Qatar for CIA-backed training, walked away from its partnership for an alliance with Islamic Front.

U.S. officials say the trusted commanders were supposed to be on the same team, but it turned out that “everybody was out for themselves,” according to one senior U.S. official.

Mr. Ford, the former Syria ambassador, asked a Hazzm leader at a recent meeting in Washington why the rebel group had joined the U.S. program.

“We thought going with the Americans was going with the big guns,” the Hazzm leader said, according to people at the meeting. “It was a losing bet.”

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„Officials defend the decision to keep the arms pipeline small and tightly controlled, citing concerns that weapons could fall into the wrong hands. ‚This was consistent with the administration’s legal responsibilities and strongly held views in Congress,‘ a senior administration official says. Despite the controls, some weapons still wound up on the wrong side.“

Above from the article. This is the USG’s response to a clear disaster. We’re in desperate need of new officials and a new administration.

There is a crappy, arrogant attitude that informs the comments by „U.S. officials“ quoted in this article. Imagine how much worse these people must be when they aren’t talking to a reporter, but one of the Syrian commanders. „The Ugly American“ was published in 1958; it still applies today.

Ken FaustKen Faust 2 days ago
How could anyone with even a modicum of common sense expect to win a proxy war that was micromanaged from halfway around the world? LBJ and the White House micromanaged Vietnam using our own people and that didn’t turn out well. Here we’re asking foreigners to do the heavy lifting and then insisting they follow our rules and regulations. This effort was doomed from the get-go.

Dan LaroqueDan Laroque 3 days ago
Don’t blame the CIA. We have a President who has no experience and is way out of his depth. It is inane and crazy to once again run a war from the White House. Bush could not do it. What would make us think Obama can do it? The CIA had its hands tied and we all know it.

Hey! We sent Biden over there and he gave them the advice he gave his wife. „Dear, if something happens just go out back and fire off two shot gun shells! Yeh!“ …. What he failed to tell his wife (as was done in Syria) two rounds was all she had. After that it is the enemies turn and they have thousands of rounds.

What we need in the White House is a Shakespearean fool…. the fool in his plays was always the smartest person in the room.

David LenihanDavid Lenihan 3 days ago
I am old now. I have never seen such ineffective leadership of our foreign facing assets….including our ineffective Sec of State, CIA, and State Dept. We don’t even know who to send to Paris (no one) and to the funeral of the Saudi king. We need leadership that is ready for prime time….not amateurs and poseurs.

Michael KeenanMichael Keenan 3 days ago
No president can win ’em all, but Obama’s foreign policy is unblemished by success. From east to west and north to south, America’s standing and influence have declined universally.
It is impossible for a US president to be irrelevant, but Obama is testing the proposition and proving it to be false, what an abject failure. Congrats to all those that voted twice for the feckless fool: you reap what you shall sow …

Richard CravenRichard Craven 3 days ago
Feckless BHO trying to look like he was doing something without actually doing anything.
Great work, oh Great One. Bravo.

Andrew PriceAndrew Price 3 days ago
We have gotten so ethically self conscience that we have forgotten how to help the good guys win. The US is evolving into the least reliable ally a foreign power could have. We contradict our own rhetoric and we break promises as quickly as we make them. We can’t expect foreign rebels to fight for an ideology of liberty, peace and justice when we barely pay lip service to it at home and abroad.
Obama campaigned on the audacity of hope. Hope doesn’t pay fighters, buy bullets or win wars.
It turns out if you don’t give enough guns to the good guys, the bad guys will kill the good guys and take whatever good stuff the good guys do have.
We are evolving to the point where our only choices are going to be Assad, Nusra, or IS. I suppose we have genuine Kurdish allies at least, but I fear there aren’t enough of them.

Richard DoyleRichard Doyle 3 days ago
Perhaps the lesson here is that the US should stay out of the business of intervening militarily, either covertly or overtly, in the civil wars of other nations. Has any other policy consistently produced so many failures and disasters over the years?

Steve W. BellSteve W. Bell 3 days ago
This reads like the story of a Syria intervention designed by the new Three Stooges: BO Administration lawyers, politicians, and State Dept officials. I almost feel sorry for the CIA, which appears to be anointed to take the fall for this disaster.

Joseph PorterJoseph Porter 3 days ago
This seems to be a persistent problem with the U.S. – we offer help, then only provide limited help, then ultimately ignore those who opted to side with us.
The Kurds had this same problem in resisting Saddam Hussein.
We need to get our act together. If we’re going to enlist the aid of, or offer to assist, groups sympathetic to us, we need to do it wholeheartedly. If not, we’re better off not getting involved at all. The way we’re doing it now only ends up alienating potential – and willing – allies.

Cap MorganCap Morgan 3 days ago
Sounds like the CIA used the designers of Obamacare to run their program.

Richard CravenRichard Craven 3 days ago
@Cap Morgan: Sounds like this CIA program was micromanaged by the Obama administration’s REMF geniuse. Was Lyndon Johnson BHO’s absent father?

Mark YoungMark Young 3 days ago
This is a political problem with both sides wanting to blame the CIA if the wheels fall off, which they will. What a mess. The ONLY way to address this adequately is to put boots on the ground, and leave them there (remember Europe and Asia after WWII?). That feckless wonder Obama pulled our troops out, called it a victory, and now we’re at where we’re at. I repeat, what a mess.

Kudos to the men and women who are actually trying to solve the problem, in spite of what happens at the White House.

Robert EisenhauerRobert Eisenhauer 3 days ago
Every single charlie foxtrot thing that happens or fails to happen in the middle east is at the direct will and pleasure of B. Hussein 0bama, Peace Be Upon Him.

Lawrence BeckLawrence Beck 3 days ago
This was a doomed, „look, we’re doing something“ plan from the start. There just aren’t that many „moderates“ fighting in Syria.

herman unanskiherman unanski 3 days ago
Another brilliant story from the Barry Bummer/Kerry-Heinz/Clinton team from the US govt. A few more stories like this and we can hand over Israel and the entire Middle East because no one will trust anything we do or say. I am already in that camp!

Michael QuickMichael Quick 3 days ago
Not only did the US fail to adequately arm the secular Syrian rebels, but they also leaned on the leaders of the Gulf States to prevent them from fully arming the secular Syrian rebels.

Meanwhile, Qatar and wealthy Saudi individuals were funding and arming the Islamist rebels. Better paid and better armed, the Islamist forces attracted fighters and grew.

Over the course to time, the secular Syrian rebel forces shrank, because of our policies, while the Islamist rebel forces expanded.

This major shift within the Syrian rebellion was the result of our excessive concern about serious weapons falling into the hands of terrorists.

douglas wattsdouglas watts 3 days ago
To sum up our policy in the Middle East, our support of the moderate Syrian rebels is a failure as was our support of the Iraqi army. We won’t support Israel or Saudi Arabia who appear to be friendly. And we won’t challenge Iran who is definitely unfriendly. Thus Obama has done nothing to help our position there and appears to be continuing on that path. What will the situation be in 2 years?

Bill ProvenzanoBill Provenzano 3 days ago
It seems to me that this will be seen as America turning their backs on people who relied on us for support. These people we are „helping“ will be our future enemies. When we help in the middle east, it should be all or nothing.

Oleg DrutOleg Drut 3 days ago
all these fighters will become terrorists soon after US stops supports. Happened before, will happen after. We should get out of Middle East and lets them take care of each other

Bill FotschBill Fotsch 3 days ago
With no military experience, and a track record in Syria of being embarrassed by Assad calling Obama’s bluff regarding the „red line“ on chemical weapons, „Mr. Obama gave the go-ahead in 2013 to proceed on a limited basis, partly in response to prodding from key Arab allies, former U.S. officials say.“
Failure was inevitable. This is the price our soldiers, CIA agents and our allies pay for an incompetent Commander in Chief. These failures are not the fault of our military. Without clear goals and support, even the finest military force in the world is destined to fail.
Now Hillary Clinton is distancing herself from these failures, hoping we will forget the “Russian Reset Button” photo op moments. Hopefully our memories will last through the election in 2016, so we replace this failed, incompetent, inexperienced commander with some who has relevant executive governing experience, which would again rule out Hillary.

Thomas WyrickThomas Wyrick 3 days ago
I learned in another WSJ article (today) that red tape didn’t get in the way of the DEA when it decided to put cameras around the country to monitor the comings and goings of everyday Americans. That suggests simple a solution to our problems: invite the terrorists to move to the United States, so the DEA can monitor everything they do. And assign the job of spying on everyday Americans to the CIA, which can’t function due to red tape. Everybody wins!

Samir SharpeSamir Sharpe 3 days ago
Stop worrying about footballs. The biggest bunch of deflated balls gone soft are located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. Just walk in past the sleeping Secret Service agent with her unloaded gun on the table, turn left and head down the hall past the four foot tall, 80 lb. Secret Service agent talking on her Iphone and doing her nails (who said these folks can’t multi-task?) and just walk in when you get to the big, oak wooden door marked ‚POTUS‘. Say hi to the guy with his feet up behind the desk and tell him what a great job he is doing.

Stephen AlbertStephen Albert 3 days ago
A half hearted effort.Bureaucrats asking fighters to fill out forms as if they were applying for a scholarship ,not fighting a war. Not a formula for success.

douglas wattsdouglas watts 3 days ago
Where is Charlie Wilson when we need him?

Tom BoucherTom Boucher 3 days ago
Heckuva job Barry!

I love it. CIA tied up by government red tape. Even government agencies are getting screwed by other government agencies. Now they are seeing how everyday American business is treated, only the government agencies that can’t perform don’t have a payroll to meet and generally failure brings them more money. Funny if it weren’t so sad. As usual when the bureaucrats go to war, their favorite tactic is to form a circular firing squad.

marilyn helmmarilyn helm 3 days ago
Not that it’s easy, but when was the last time the US has successfully backed a winner in these never-ending conflicts! The sure bet that we should be backing is our only proven ally, Israel! And how is this current administration treating them?? with obvious contempt! More and more I’m thinking that all this meddling is just about a bunch of politicians (on both sides) and generals maintaining and expanding their power and influence. Criminy, I hate thinking this, but there you are!

Harry NickelsonHarry Nickelson 3 days ago
„..U.S.’s effort to aid moderate fighters..“


THEY ARE ALL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS- so any and all aid given to „trusted commanders“ was given to terrorists.

and look how this piece [of bovine excrement] falls all over itself to not mention the elephant in the room…it is used only on „Islamic“ State but since they are not „islamic“ there is nothing to see- just a buncha peace-loving schoolboys going after big bad Assad! Bovine excrement!

And“ if they attack Nursa the population will hate us“…meaning the population supports/backs is in bed with ARE terrorists.

Because they are sharia adherent and sharia adherence is the problem and is at the core of all islam and it is raising its backward head to subjugate the world- AGAIN!

The West should go all in with Assad- should have from the start:

Sometime the devil you know is way better than that other much more evil and nasty one..we all know the one…despite its myriad of faces/sects…


Harlin SmithHarlin Smith 3 days ago
So, let me get this straight…

Obama wants the CIA to train and arm only the „good“ devil worshiping barbarians?

Harry NickelsonHarry Nickelson 3 days ago
@Harlin Smith Absolutely right! Just the „trusted“ ones…

@Harlin Smith You realize that before the Civil War that Syria was one of the most well educated conutries in the Middle East. Assad was just like Hussein. Not a good guy by any means, but the government was not based on Sharia law.

Jay BodensteinJay Bodenstein 3 days ago
I’m surprised that the Syrian rebels didn’t place their weapon orders on line. Everything they want or need is available. All they need is a valid credit card and place to pick it up. Or come to Florida, Texas, Arizona,…

Samir SharpeSamir Sharpe 3 days ago
@Jay Bodenstein Guaranteed two-day delivery if they are members of Amazon Prime. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Jay BodensteinJay Bodenstein 3 days ago
@Samir Sharpe @Jay Bodenstein You cracked me up!
America – Guns R Us! Cabellas, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, Buds Gun shop, Gun Brokers, ad infinitum.

Syria is ripe with conditions where it is easy for the U.S. to make mistakes and not be very productive, no matter what it does – unless the U.S. went in on the ground itself. I would give the chances of vetting „rebels“ a less than 50% chance of success. Erring on the side of being super careful with forces we have only a few levers of control over does make for operational difficulties for those forces. Whose to say just as many would not have joined ISIS or other Islamic fundamentalist fighting groups, even if we did everything right by them. On the other hand, there is no way we should be on the ground in Syria as we were in Iraq in 2003.

If we want to defeat ISIS, one part of such a campaign requires a political settlement between Assad and as many of the „rebel“ groups as possible. Why? Without it we will be left with two choices – directly taking out Assad ourselves, or watching as ISIS and Assad become the only two main forces in Syria and their fight expanded to Lebanon.

Portia LynnPortia Lynn 3 days ago
The great leader stuck his toe in the bathwater and found it just too too hot…again.

„The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight“ but this one resides in DC.

Look, turning a Middle East country into a squeaky clean democracy is pipe dream. There should be a plan to back the strongest US friendly barbarian on the block because the overall mission should be to protect the homeland and friendly allies. Right now the only group best equipped to lead the effort is Israel. Covertly supply them the funds and equipment and let them get the job done with hands off. We’ve seen over six years of this lawyer litigation based micro management of the CIA and DOD in Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. Until 2016, the U.S. will continue to be seen as biting our fingernails in the corner wishing it would all go away. The Middle East is one community that can’t be organized, period.

john fitzgeraldjohn fitzgerald 3 days ago
What a bunch of academic bu#*#t. The only proven way to ascertain the reliability of an ally is to have information about him from a mole. It appears that we do not have moles in the middle east turmoil areas and want to make up for it with interviews. Like a job interview ! Holy mackerel how screwed up can the CIA get.

Harlin SmithHarlin Smith 3 days ago
@john fitzgerald

Dianne Feinstein should have that fixed in a few weeks…

US should stay out of Syrian conflict. There is no need to add fuel to the fire. It will create more instability and more problems for the US. No civilized person can appreciate beheadings whether by rag tag terrorists or states. Consult this news item before criticizing my comment:

Jeff StoneJeff Stone 3 days ago
Given what has happened in Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Ukraine, etc. perhaps it is better to support the strong arm dictators. Otherwise, it’s just chaos with every tribe for itself and every terrorist militant group for itself. Democracy for the people is one thing but if nationalism is outweighed by theology or terrorist intent, you have what we see now in the countries listed.

The whole thing reads like a bad joke. Who is running this show, Susan Rice over at the White House? My goodness, it sounds like the Marx brothers have taken over.

@XAVIER L SIMON {Couldn’t resist this one!}
Just how many brothers did Karl have?

Julia HansonJulia Hanson 3 days ago
„The White House didn’t anticipate the rapid rise of the Islamic State….“ The WH doesn’t seem to anticipate anything. Obama really needs to start attending his morning intel briefings before the country is blown up. But then, I’m sure he’ll find out the way the rest of us do – on the news.

Bruce SaltzmanBruce Saltzman 3 days ago
@Julia Hanson
But the POTUS likes to exercise for an hour and then watch ESPN in the mornings. He supposedly gets a summery of the security briefings over his Blackberry; which has no inscription capability.

Wednesday afternoons are or basketball, Saturday morning is for golf, Thursday night is entertaignment nigh, Friday is date night, then Monday and Tuesday are for fund raising.

This looks like a put-on; but, the Boy King really does all.

„Tensions deepened as Islamic State gained strength last year and some trusted commanders began pressing for arms to go after Nusra. U.S. officials said no because they thought fighting Nusra would drain the program’s resources. The Obama administration also was debating whether to expand the CIA effort beyond the Assad regime.“
What a joke. And we expect to win something, anything? Give me a break.

The caption to the third picture refers to a „deputy foreign minister“ of the city or town of Kobani. That strikes me as bureaucratic overkill for a town with a population of only some 44,000 when you count the refugees that have left it because of the war.

The Obama administration has been conflicted on the Syrian rebels from day one. Obama once said it was foolish to arm a bunch of Dr. and Dentist and several months later decides to give them arms. No wonder there seems to be nothing but failure and confusion.

Peter Van ArsdalePeter Van Arsdale 3 days ago
Here is the CIA mission statement: „Preempt threats and further US national security objectives by collecting intelligence that matters, producing objective all-source analysis, conducting effective covert action as directed by the President, and safeguarding the secrets that help keep our Nation safe.“ Please note that all covert actions taken by the CIA are by direction of POTUS. Now is there any wonder why the CIA seems to be flailing about????

Carl FalconeCarl Falcone 3 days ago
Langley should just post a classified in the Beirut Picayune-Times: „Male Out of Towners looking for committed relationship with moderate mates, free guns but BRA (bring your own ammo),no alcohol, beards and smokers ok“.
They’d probably do better than they have now…

What a mess.This is really a result of the restrictions the WH has shackled them with. This type of gig is nothing new and is always a messy biz.
The men on the ground have to be given a strategic overview and task, then left to get it done, come what may.
IMHO, there’s no point in even moving anywhere or attempting this elsewhere in Syria, we missed the best chance early on & Obamas Red Line faint heartedness put paid to any Moderate true believers faith in us, verified and displayed in this very article.

„At meetings, the MOM heard requests for ammunition and then deliberated, often for as long as two weeks. The panel included the CIA and intelligence services from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.“
So there is really no overall commander and agreed objective. The whole thing is laughable. It sounds to me like a complete boondoggle.

Kenneth BrandonKenneth Brandon 3 days ago
@XAVIER L SIMON It’s all window dressing by the administration. My sympathies to the CIA who obviously are being hamstrung.

„Because U.S. officials concluded that the moderate opposition Free Syrian Army wasn’t able to safeguard U.S. supplies in Syria, the CIA decided to deliver weapons directly to the trusted commanders. Some military officials warned that the CIA risked creating warlords and undermining cohesion in the ranks of local fighters, but the CIA saw no credible alternative.“
This alone tells me the whole thing seems destined to fail. Earlier I noted that in Iraq General Petreaus worked with established tribal leaders with cohesive generations old tribal structures under them, and they knew what they were fighting for. Here judging from the fear of „creating warlords and undermining cohesion in the ranks,“ it is obvious they don’t even have that cohesion to begin with.

„Once the CIA assessed the commanders, they were asked to sign agreements committing their units to using supplies against the Assad regime and maintaining certain accounting standards.“
Those agreements are not worth the paper they are written on. It’s amazing how we like to fool ourselve to cover our behinds with the fools back in Washington.

@XAVIER L SIMON Well, if all you’re doing is checking the boxes and having every move seconded by lawyers, then, yeah, you got to get those signed agreements.
And maybe you give them some cell phones with GPS coordinates you can leak to Assad and the IRGC.
Meanwhile you could make a public display of cutting your own Defense assets and cashiering most of your experienced mid-level officer corps up to Major. You can cry poor and feed that line so the Rand Paul people will run with it on the opposite side.
That would justify cutting back on vital replacement parts and armaments to Israel so they wouldn’t be able to hit your new best friend.
By the time you’re out, it’ll be somebody else’s problem. But you’ll be set.

We will never know how many White House hands were in this latest US military debacle by overruling the Pentagon and CIA.


How could such consistent displays of incompetence be accidental?
There is a malicious intelligence at work here.

@RICHARD KELLEY @ROBERT SWANEY It’s called „fundamental transformation.“ Remember? Hunker down. Looks like the worst is yet to come.

„But the new mission also calls for building a rebel force to fight Islamic State, not the Assad regime, which will make it tougher for the Pentagon to attract rebel commanders to the program, some U.S. officials say.“
I suspect that will be a much tougher sell. Remember that in Iraq Al-Qaeda was fighting established tribal power and political structures and Petreaus won over the aggrieved tribal leaders, who then fought for their central government as much as for themselves. In Syria, while those structures might also be in place, who their enemy is seems much more confusing, at least to us, and there is no overall government they are fighting for, there is no overall coalescing objective for us to represent.

Samuel TyulumanSamuel Tyuluman 3 days ago
What a joke, „trusted commander“ in a Muslim/Sectarian Civil War? There has been constant fighting among sects since Muhammad died 1400 years ago. It is foolish to think the „trusted side“ can be determined by anyone.

In the 1880’s and 1890’s the Okrahna, Tzar Nicholas 111’s secret police was infamous in setting up sting-like operations to trap revolutionaries. Later the NKVD and KGB employed similar tactics, funding underground newspapers and smuggling arms to the people they wanted to roll up, and tricking them to come back from abroad to be arrested.
Had I been a member of the Syrian Free Army, I would have worried if the promises of arms weren’t kept, if a paltry supply trickled out, if the case officer repeatedly lied. I’d think, set-up.
And if I had read the article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, now on the internet, entitled „Our Man in Damascus,“ which reports White House leaks that it is now siding with Assad and Iran, I’d think, I’m in a box here.
Is Obama in a box? He sees an out, and it’s called Tehran.
That puts Netanyahu in a box. The box is defined by a new US policy which goes beyond rudeness and now means that we are actively helping a treacherous enemy.

Samir SharpeSamir Sharpe 3 days ago
@PHILIP CARDAN Your enemy. My enemy. America’s enemy. Mr Obama’s trusted homeboy.

Richard LaneRichard Lane 3 days ago
Just like everything the Gov’t. does,especially under the Obama Administration!!!

Frederick A. GreenFrederick A. Green 3 days ago
All sides now agree that the U.S.’s effort to aid moderate fighters battling the Assad regime has gone badly.

Can the CIA and the federal government do ANYTHING right?

Robert StaffordRobert Stafford 3 days ago
I amazed that Obama’s analysis paralysis has seeped that far down. Unfortunately, liberals only saw Obama’s color. They did not notice that he was too indecisive to be a good leader. He is a typical academic, given to endless discussion, but no action.

George W. Bush is just the opposite, lots of action, but little analysis. We need someone in between, who can get elected. I am beginning to give The Donald serious consideration.

Harvey DavisHarvey Davis 3 days ago
Is there even a right side in this mess? Because „Republican and Democratic lawmakers shared the administration’s ambivalence, with some warning they would hold the CIA responsible if guns fell into the wrong hands“, I suspect they thought of Reagan arming Mujahideen in Afghanistan that became al-Qaeda.

Since the skilled guys readily went over to Islamists for better pay, enough fighters sound more mercenary than ideological. This leads me to think Western support options are bad, worse, and nil.

Assad and Iran are fighting ISIS, are we even on the right side of this conflict?

Akiko OtaniAkiko Otani 3 days ago
„The U.S. intelligence officer who ran the joint operations center, called MOM for short, impressed commanders with his classical Arabic. Once, he singled out a rebel commander who failed to execute a promised mission, asking him to apologize in front of other commanders. The commander was then kicked out of the meeting.“
Impressed them or himself? I would think, from my experience, they might have been more impressed by his speaking the local dialect and not sounding like a textbook. You might also impress them with providing the groups with what you agree to at the onset of relations. I am sure our lawyers and CPA’s bedazzled them as well.
Foreigners shaming high status men, whatever the reason, publicly in the Arab world is socially unacceptable…it is a ’shame-based society‘. There are much more effective subtle means to have dealt with a senior leader lacking mission effectivity.
Doesn’t CIA still employ ethnographers?

michael leahymichael leahy 3 days ago
We sent in the lawyers. Good job community organizer.

Geoff KellyGeoff Kelly 3 days ago
Classic case of too little and way, way way too late.

John GowerJohn Gower 3 days ago
We should have bombed the h*ll out of Assad’s headquarters and air force as we said we would. After that we could have dusted our hands and said, „We did our job!“ and let the rebels take it from there. Instead, we retreat from stated policy and make feeble efforts to arm the Apple Dumpling Gang. Jesus.

Robert WoodRobert Wood 3 days ago
If you aren’t a bureaucrat buried in over 16,000 feet of red tape, then you aren’t an American.

Michael QuickMichael Quick 3 days ago
From the beginning days, the reason the US has not armed the secular Syrian opposition has been the fear that those weapons might fall into the wrong hands. While Assad was bombing civilians in Syrian cities, we did not give the fighters the anti-aircraft weapons that would have stopped that bombing, saving tens of thousands of innocent lives–simply because we were afraid that those anti-aircraft weapons would fall into the wrong hands, and bring down an American passenger plane.

America does not care about Syrian civilians who are being killed, if there is any possibility that our help might conceivably result in a terrorist attack on America. It’s that simple.

Our strategy in fighting ISIS now depends upon training and arming Syrian fighters. But we will only give them pea shooters, because we are afraid that serious weapons will end up in the wrong hands.

Stephanie GalonskaStephanie Galonska 3 days ago
What have we ever gained from giving our enemies, yes, islamic countries are our enemies regardless of what they say while accepting our money and weaponry, what have we ever gained from giving them our resources?

„We“ Sacrifice Our American Children for them for their Foreign Problems (wars) while „We“ BUY their Oil at their price gouging prices at the same time. „We“ GIVE them Foreign Aide and „We“ allow them to emigrate here too.

Remind me again, what’s in it for America and Americans?

Jim RyggJim Rygg 3 days ago
This from the Administration whose foreign policy is „don’t do stupid things“?

Where is Kerry when we need him?

matt coopermatt cooper 3 days ago
@Jim Rygg Maybe Lurch and James Taylor will go sing „You’e Got a Friend“ to them in a sort of USO show.

Jeffrey TierneyJeffrey Tierney 3 days ago
This is like watching an episode of the Keystone Cops do foreign policy in the Middle East. This is also known as „I don’t have a clue as to what I am doing, but I feel good doing something, even if it is ludicrous.“

Burns MatkinBurns Matkin 3 days ago
@Jeffrey Tierney this is called middle east community organizing.

matt coopermatt cooper 3 days ago
@Burns Matkin @Jeffrey Tierney Well look at what a great job he did organizing the South side of Chicago.

Bob FoxBob Fox 3 days ago
@Jeffrey Tierney You are 100% correct. Bush/Cheney dropped the ball over there big time.

Bruce SaltzmanBruce Saltzman 3 days ago
@Bob Fox @Jeffrey Tierney

All the balls were dropped in the last six years.
In the 6 years with the USA under Barack Obama the Moslem Brotherhood with its alleys Al Qaeda and ISIS have taken control of 7 countries and 3 regions.

Gaza portion of PA,
North-Mali (Azawad),
North Sudan,
Yemen Eastern half.

Right now the Moslem Brotherhood, ISIS, and Al Quida are fighting for control of 21 more countries, and 6 more regions:

Central African Republic of the Congo,
China’s Most North Western province ( Turkic-speaking Xinjiang ),
Darfur (S. Sudan),
Mindanao Island in Philippians,
Mumbai City,
Myanmar (Burma)
Palestinian West Bank,
Saudi Arabia,
Southern Thieland
Yemen West half

How is that for messing up big time.

Oliver GrahamOliver Graham 3 days ago
@Bruce Saltzman @Bob Fox @Jeffrey Tierney
> How is that for messing up big time.
The NeoCons—Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Woflowitz, etc.—led the way.
What happens when you whack a hornet’s nest with a stick? The hornets get really, really angry.
You actually think Obama—or anyone—had a prayer to settle things down after Bush & Co. did such a great job? You expect that when we left Iraq life would return to normal?

Oliver GrahamOliver Graham 3 days ago
@Bob Fox @Jeffrey Tierney
> Bush/Cheney dropped the ball over there big time.
Wait a bit… I’m still picking up the flowers thrown at our feet as conquering heros.

Rummy said they’d be here… somewhere.
Oliver GrahamOliver Graham 3 days ago
@Jeffrey Tierney

This is like watching an episode of the Keystone Cops do foreign policy in the Middle East.

This is also known as „I don’t have a clue as to what I am doing“,

And you know what should be done?
Please tell all.


Autor: jauhuchanam राम अवत कृष्ण יוחנן אליהו

Seine Göttliche Gnade H.E. GD HRM HMSG CT MMM georg löding राम अवत कृष्ण יוחנן אליהו ram avatara krishna jauhuchanam ulijauhu Magistra Magnificus Metamagicus Würdenträger ewiger Unantastbarkeit *05.06.1962 Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg Staatsangehörigkeit: Deutschland zwei Töchter, sechs Söhne, zwei Stieftöchter, vier Enkelkinder, eine Schwiegertochter, einen Schwiegersohn

8 Kommentare zu „Je suis CIA? Die CIA und ihr Krieg in Syrien“

  1. Wäre es soooo schade, wenn die Deutschen aussterben? Ich finde , nein! Es wurde in den letzten Lichtjahren doch genug Unfug getrieben. Einige andere Länder könnten allerdings ebenfalls verschwinden.


    1. @jauhuchanam
      Wozu brauch ich dann so etwas schäbiges wie einen Personalausweis?
      Die Franzosen haben wenigstens une Carte díndentité.
      Und die Bösen – wo sind die?


  2. „“Wir haben Beweise über einzelne Angehörige der russischen Streitkräfte und Bürger der Russischen Föderation, die ein Teil der illegalen bewaffneten Gruppen in Kampfaktivitäten sind. Gegenwärtig führen wir keine Kampfoperationen gegen Einheiten der regulären russischen Armee aus.” Ukrainischer „Generalstab“

    „Die Übersetzung ist korrekt.“

    … enthält aber eben die Lüge: „die ein Teil der illegalen bewaffneten Gruppen in Kampfaktivitäten sind.“, denn diese

    .1. sind ein Teil der legal bewaffneten Gruppen
    .2. sind legale Gruppen legaler Truppenverbände
    .3. einer legalen Streitmacht zur Verteidigung

    des Territoriums der Staaten Donezk und Luhansk gegen eine Übermacht aus ILLEGALEN Miliz-Verbänden und Todesschwadronen des faschistischen Regimes einer Nazi-DIKTATUR, die sich an die Gewalt in der Ukraine geputscht hat, um die russische Ethnie im Donbas durch einen Völkermord AUSZUROTTEN.

    Jeder Mensch hat das Recht, sich gegen Mörder zur Wehr zu setzen!

    Wer heute wegschaut und dazu schweigt und damit diese Mörderbande in der Ukraine unterstützt, hat auch damals beim Völkermord an den Juden zugeschaut, Beifall geklatscht und den Holocaust – die Shoa – ermöglicht, und ist ein völkischer Rassist und Nazi – nicht mehr, nicht weniger – Faschisten wie Frau Angela Merkel und Herr Joachim Gauck und alle diese Speichellecker in Bundesrat und Bundestag, in den Amtstuben, den Gerichten und der Armee der BRD, die ihren Mund nicht aufbekommen und ihre Zähne nicht auseinander!

    „Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm“

    – die Braunen (CDU), Roten (SPD), Gelben (FDP) und Grünen (GRÜNEN)

    auch nicht!

    „Birds of the same feather tend to lay the same eggs!“


  3. @ Big Boss

    Bitte reich mir den Artikel – Link über Artemisinin rüber.
    Ich will einen Restart in bb machen. Wenn det Dingen genug bissig ist, wird NNE übernehmen. Den Versuch ist es wert.


  4. „Wie sieht ein Putsch gegen die eigene Bevölkerung aus?“

    Die Frage ist falsch gestellt.

    „Wie hört sich ein Putsch gegen die eigene Bevölkerung an?“

    muss die Frage lauten.

    Die Antwort.

    „Er hört sich leise an. Und wird schweigend hingenommen.“

    In der BRD sterben jedes Jahr 500.000 Menschen an Krebs.

    Seit mindestens 40 Jahren ist bekannt, wodurch „Krebs“ hervorgerufen wird. Und seit 1994 werden aus den Blättern der Pflanze Artemisia Annua L. (einjähriger Beifuß) vor allem Derivate aus dem in ihr enthaltenen Wirkstoff Artemisinin hergestellt, um damit die Blutparasiten, die die Ursache für Krebs sind, im menschlichen Körper zu zerstören.

    Weder die Bevölkerung noch die betroffenen Krebs-Patienten werden darüber aufgeklärt, denn mit der herkömmlichen „Behandlung“ gegen Krebs werden je Patient 300.000 Euro Umsatz generiert. Das sind Euro pro Jahr allein für die BRD.

    Um die Krebs auslösenden Parasiten zu zerstören, bedarf es für eine Therapie etwa 12 bis 20 Gramm Artemisinin, die in einem Kilogramm der Bättern der Pflanze Artemisia Annua L. enthalten sind.

    Diese Pflanze kann sich jeder im Garten, auf dem Balkon oder der Fensterbank halten, und sie kann dann nach ein paar Monaten geerntet werden. Daraus enthält man etwa ein Kilogramm getrocknete Blätter.

    Dadurch gingen der BRD Euro pro Jahr an Umsatz verloren.

    Das Mantra lautet
    Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht
    ALLES SCHLÄFT, Einsam wacht!

    Ich spreche darüber seit ein paar Jahren. Bisher wurde ich noch von keiner Seite für diese Informationen angegriffen. Von niemanden bin ich widerlegt worden. Meine Informationen können leicht überprüft werden. Dennoch wurde die Information seit Mai 2013 bisher nur 418 Mal auf meinem Blog aufgerufen und mit einem einzigen guten Kommentar bedacht.

    Mit meinen Unternehmungen habe ich in den letzen 30 Jahren mehrere Zig-Millionen Umsatz generiert und habe so ziemlich alles, „was sich Menschen nicht mal im Traum vorstellen können“ erlebt, dabei war ich wirtschaftlich sehr erfolgreich, weniger erfolgreich und habe auch zwei große Pleiten hingelegt, die ich meiner Unvorsichtigkeit gegenüber Menschen verdanke. Ich weiß also durchaus, wie Produktwerbung und Marketing „geht“…-

    und kann dann anhand der Resonanz, die ich auf die Informationen erhalten habe, nur schließen, dass hier eine sogenannte


    vorliegen muss und sich deshalb auch nicht von kompetenterer Seite damit auseinandergesetzt wird, damit diese Informationen nicht dort hingelangen, wo sie benötigt werden, was aber auch den „Verdacht“ (die Annahme und Vermutung) für mich nahelegt, dass

    der Tod

    vor allem der Tod und das Sterben an Krebs

    mit einem Tabu BANN belegt

    sein muss, also

    eine derartige Angst vorliegt, dass „man lieber nicht darüber spricht“.

    Hat der Deutsche also Angst vor dem Tod; fürchtet er sich vor ihm?

    Es wird Ihnen also auch nicht helfen, wenn Wanderer oder ich Ihnen erklären würden, wie ein Putsch aussieht oder wer oder was die anderen Teile der Kabale sind und warum dieser Artikel heute um 11°° Uhr gelöscht wird, weil sich damit gar nichts ändern würde, weder für Sie, noch für mich oder Wanderer.

    Wanderer, oberham, Dude, ich oder bumibahagia und Russian Moskow Lady und viele zehntausende von „Bloggern“ schreiben, warnen und klären – so wie jeder halt in der Lage ist – auf

    aber dennoch geht alles weiter in die Richtung, die sie schon einmal von 1939 bis 1945 genommen hatte, weil die deutschen Völker bei hoher Intelligenz – die keiner abstreiten kann – von einer Wahn-Krankheit befallen sind, die ich mal hier an dieser Stelle

    Das Schweigen der Lämmer

    bezeichnen will und

    die wie ein Schaf, das zur Schlachtbank geführt wird, ihren Mund nicht aufmachen

    Ich nenne diese schwere Krankheit

    CHAM –

    Conscious Handicapped Angst Mensch

    Bewusstseins Behinderter Angst Mensch

    um deutlich zu machen, dass es sich hier weder um eine Geisteskrankheit, noch um Dummheit, Doofheit oder mangelnde Intelligenz handelt, sondern um eine echte Störung im Bewusstsein, das betäubt ist, weil wir durch die hier herrschende Schuldkultur ganz tief seit über 1200 Jahren gesellschaftlich einer Intoxikation ausgeliefert wurden, die, ohne dass es auch in seiner ganzen Zerstörungskraft wahrgenommen wird, vom der Lehre des Todeskultes herrührt, dass „der Mensch ein Böses-Sein und damit schuldig vor „Gott“ wäre und davon Erlösung bräuchte“…-

    Und obwohl es sich um ein bloßes Hirngespinst handelt, das sich vor langer Zeit mal ausgedacht wurde, um Menschen halten und versklaven zu können, folgen wir ihm ganz unbewusst und fast instinktiv, dass wir es als vollkommen normal empfinden und es auch in unserem Denken für richtig halten, wenn uns auch unsere eigene Natur und unsere Logik etwas vollkommen anderes mitteilen.

    Damit kann sich aber ein biologisches Lebewesen, das der Mensch nun einmal ist, nicht

    „an die Umwelt“

    der Wahrheit – „Wirklichkeit des Seins und des Lebens“


    und wenn ein Lebewesen sich seiner Umwelt nicht anpassen kann, stirbt es, gemäß der biologischen Entdeckung von Charles Darwin – dieser Gesetzmäßigkeit zur Folge nach – aus.

    Die Deutschen haben sich entschieden, sich nicht der Wahrheit anzupassen, und so muss es eben kommen, wie es kommen muss:

    erster Schlag: DING Erster Weltkrieg

    zweiter Schlag: DONG Zweiter Weltkrieg

    dritter Schlag: BUMM der GROßE KRIEG gegen Russland

    … wir haben es bald hinter uns, andere Menschen werden unseren uns zugedachten Platz einnehmen.

    Es werden Muslime sein, die dem Islam folgen, weil der Islam eine höhere Kultur hervorgebracht hat, als das sogenannte „Christliche Abendland“, dass uns nichts – aber auch nichts anderes – als einen Abartigen und Perversen Todeskult mit einer als widerlich zu bezeichnenden Schuldkultur verflucht hat, die uns und die ganze Welt seit 1400 Jahren mit ihren abscheulichen Kriegen, Seuchen, Teuerungen, Hungersnöten und Völkermorden überzieht und Tod und Verderben mit ihrem Mammons-Kult (Kapitalismus) verbreitet, der auf dem Dogma der Lüge des Okkultismus beruht, dass „der Mensch von Natur aus ein Böses-Sein ist“ und mit der Lehre der Schuld, dass „der Mensch von Natur aus schuldig ist„, also entsprechend „biologisch schuldig gezeugt, schuldig empfangen und schuldig geboren ist“ und somit einem Negativ-Rassismus pflegt und das Wort redet und entsprechend verbreitet.

    Wenn es denn wahr ist – und es wird nach meinen Erfahrungen und logischen Überlegungen wohl auch so sein – dass die Menschen Erlösung benötigen, dann brauchen sie wirklich Erlösung; und zwar Erlösung von dieser den väterlichen Gott und Schöpfer allen Seins lästernden und alle Menschen fluchenden Lügen-Lehre, in der die beiden Bestandteile eines Lebens in Fülle und Freude am Dasein fehlen!

    Denn in ihr findet sich weder Wahrheit, die Grundlage für die Liebe, noch die Liebe, die Ursache der Wahrheit. Wo aber soll dann die Freiheit herkommen, die doch das Ergebnis des Bleibens in der Liebe ist, durch die doch erst die Wahrheit erkannt werden kann, die den Menschen schließlich befreit?

    Somit ist – Jesus – יהושע – ‏عيسى بن مريم‎ – कृष्ण – der Christus Gottes und König der Wahrheit, in diesem KULT des TODES nicht zu finden, weil er ja doch die Wahrheit und die Liebe Gottes als „inkarniertes Selbst-Sein“ ist: der Menschen-Sohn, unser König, unser Herr, das Oberhaupt aller Menschen und Freund, Bruder, Sohn und Kind jedes Menschen! Denn wir sind Menschen, biologisch zwar Primaten, die zu den Säugern gehören, aber wir sind deshalb weder Tiere noch Götter.

    Gefällt 1 Person

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