„The Minefield“ of Vyacheslav Vysotsky

A Pawn offered in the Great Game of War-Propaganda!


militiaman2Preamble: Because the articles below are controversial in nature, exposing as they do a certain inadequacy in the treatment, by Russia, of a former volunteer of the Novorossiya Armed Forces, it seems fitting to provide a preamble that corrects at least some of the misperceptions about how a refugee asylum system is meant to work. The Russian Federal Migration Service does not avoid many of the hurdles and pitfalls faced by asylum claimants across the world. Thus, until reforms were implemented in 2012 to speed up the review of refugee claims, estimated processing time for a single claim in Canada was 1,038 days. Same as in Russia, in Canada the system is comprised of several adjudicative levels, such that appeals and judicial reviews (cassations in Russia) can be taken to different tribunal bodies and courts on specific disputed points.

Both in Canada and in Russia, a negative decision is almost never the end of the road for a…

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Richard Dawkins intellectually owns bigoted paedophile cultist

Richard Dawkins intellectually owns bigoted paedophile cultist

Richard Dawkins intellectually owns bigoted paedophile cultist