Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulates President Bashar al-Assad on Palmyra recapture from foreign mercenary-terrorists

the real Syrian Free Press

Certainly we must thank the loyal allies for fighting with all Syrians a war against the mercenaries and military intelligence services from half the world, but remember that on the ground are the Syrian Arab Army and the Special Unit of Popular Forces that have made the strongest sacrifices, and along with Hezbollah and the Iranian Brigades have shed much blood of martyrs.

If Russia had not had on the battlefields a serious Syrian army, trained, motivated, professional, could not get, only from the sky, the results that were obtained.

Therefore, honor to the Russian ally for the high ethical character and proven vailability, but today all the glory goes to all the Syrian Armed Forces, with a special thought and undying gratitude to the young Syrians martyrs soldiers, who in their best years have given their lives for their beloved homeland Syria.

Finally, without the permanent presence of a charismatic leader…

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