All Aleppo about to fall to the Syrian Army ~ Kids murdered by Obama’s „moderate“ barbarians

the real Syrian Free Press

SAA-Brigitte Tulan(Photos thanks to Brigitte Tulan & Khaled Nawaz Al-Nouri)

All Aleppo about to fall to the great Syrian Army

A Ziad Fadel Report,  SyrianPerspective

ALEPPO:The Western Media doesn’t want to talk about this.  But, it’s true.  The Saudis pretend it can’t happen. The Erdoghani Turks pretend they’re fighting terrorists and watch helplessly as the Syrian Army takes care of their business.

The terrorist forces in Aleppo are starving.  Their medical situation is grim, at best.  4,000 newly injected rodents from Turkey have not been able to penetrate Syrian Army lines and are marginalized outside the city, evidently unaware that the final push is about to start.  Once Aleppo is liberated, there will be no point in continuing that charade in Geneva.


Putin tried to send a message of peace to the so-called “opposition”.  With a cease fire in place, it behooved the exiled and impotent Saudi-financed traitors…

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