Virginia State Senator Richard Black: „I had the honor to meet President al-Assad“ ~ President al-Assad: „Fighting terrorism demands a joint international effort“ ~ [Reports, Video, Photos]

the real Syrian Free Press

Virginia State Senator Richard Black: news-conference
at the Four Seasons Hotel, Damascus

President al-Assad to Senator Black:
„Fighting terrorism demands a joint international effort“


President Bashar al-Assad received on Thursday US Senator Richard Black and discussed with him the situation in Syria and the foreign-backed terrorism war waged against it.

The President highlighted during the discussion that the terrorist attacks which have hit several areas in the world prove that terrorism knows no borders.

Fighting terrorism, he stressed, demands a joint international effort that is not limited to the military level only but goes beyond to include fighting the extremist Wahhabi thinking underpinning terrorism, said President al-Assad.


For his part, the US Senator said it is important that the American people get acquainted with the reality of what is happening in Syria away from the disinformation practiced by some parties at the US administration.

Black highlighted the necessity of putting efforts…

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