Aleppo, last 24 hours: dozens of civilians killed, injured, by terrorist attacks, while hundreds of city residents donated their blood for their brothers ~ Tartous people: „All Syrians are Aleppo’s defenders“ ~ [Reports, Videos]

the real Syrian Free Press

The mercenary gangs of terrorists at the American-Saudi-Turkish-service are blatantly losing out on all the Syrian territory.

The reinforcements of new mercenaries sent from Turkey have not been able to go a long way towards Aleppo and were annihilated before.

Therefore, the remaining terrorists were trapped in residual pockets in Aleppo and have received orders from their masters to intensify the terrorist attacks against the civilian population, to give time to the U.S. imperial diplomacy-machine and to the enslaved-media to falsify the events, make the world believe that the bad guys, who shoot on the population, are the Syrian and Russian military, to find the ‚casus belli‘ for unleash a war of more far-reaching against the Syrian (…and Russian…) sovereignty…

But the Syrian army guys, and their allies, have never fired against the civil population, composed by their own fathers, mothers, brothers: they would not have even today the popular…

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