U.S. special forces deployed in Yemen to fight alongside Saudi-led occupation forces

the real Syrian Free Press

US Military Forces in Yemen

US Redeploys Military Forces in Yemen

(FNA) ~ US has redeployed its special forces in Yemen to fight alongside the Saudi-backed troops in alleged campaign against al-Qaeda terrorists in the Southern parts of the war-torn country, Yemeni officials said.

An informed Yemeni official said that the troops had arrived in Yemen on April 25.

After one year of Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s financial and arms aid to the al-Qaeda and the ISIL terrorists, Abu Dhabi has called on the US to cooperate in the alleged fight against the terrorist groups, the official added.

The UAE itself has retreated troops and equipment from the war on the popular forces in Yemen, although it has kept a small part of its mercenary army to allegedly fight against the ISIL and Al-Qaeda.

The UAE had originally sent troops to Yemen to fight the Ansarullah popular shiite movement under the umbrella of the Saudi-led…

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