Aleppo Doctor Attacks Western Media for Censorship and Lies

the real Syrian Free Press

aleppo-attach-chem-3Chemical weapons attack on Aleppo civil areas on April 2016

Silvia Cattori recorded report from Dr Nabil Antaki
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When the US and NATO war of aggression was launched against Syria,  Dr Nabil Antaki could have abandoned Aleppo to ensure his own safety. Instead he decided to remain and to serve the besieged people of his City, working with various local charities.  Above all, he wanted to bear witness to the destruction caused by Western support for the foreign armed groups who have been systematically destroying Syria and terrorising its people for the last 5 years.

On the 30th April, Silvia Cattori recorded this report from Dr Antaki on the recent amplification of propaganda surrounding events in Aleppo.  It has been translated from the French by Vanessa Beeley.

aleppo-20160427-888Victim of Al Nusra terrorist mortar fire in western Aleppo. Photo: Samer…

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