Putin: „Russia Rejects Double Standards, Hidden Agendas“

the real Syrian Free Press

Russian President has addressed participants and guests of the 137th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly (IPU) in St. Petersburg. Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the 137th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly (IPU) that imposing sanctions against lawmakers is a counterproductive step.

„Unfortunately, we see that the attempts to limit the direct contacts and communication among lawmakers have been made more and more often recently, I mean the practice of imposition of discriminatory restrictions and sanction lists, which often include lawmakers. We regard this practice as inadmissible, harmful and just foolish,“ Putin said. Both the system of international law and the culture of interstate dialogue have been eroded, he said. Russian Budget Ready For Potential Toughening of Anti-Russia Sanctions – Finance Minister „The parliaments all around the world, as the representatives of the people’s will, play a landmark, important, sometimes a major role in the elaboration of national development models and, of course, in…

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